Insurance Designed For Trucking

RoadMasters Insurance is committed to solving the problems that plague owner-operators and fleet managers everywhere: Skyrocketing premiums, fine print exclusions, time-consuming searches, and long waits for coverage. We offer an alternative: Personal attention from dedicated agents, savings of up to $3,000 per truck, and coverage that is available in as little as a single day.

Efficient, professional staff deliver reliable coverage and a simple claims process to make us THE insurance solution for fleets of any size. By solving the insurance problems of the trucking industry, RoadMasters is making getting insurance the easiest part of any fleet owner’s job.


Our mission is to make trucking insurance effortless and stress-free for owner-operators and fleet managers alike. We focus on delivering the industry’s most competitive rates on insurance solutions personalized to each client’s needs. By treating each client as an individual, delivering fast, efficient, and reliable insurance coverage, and creating a simple and smooth claims process, we get clients’ trucks on the road quickly while helping them to stop stressing every time a truck leaves the yard.

Local Leaders

RoadMasters’ ability to deliver insurance you can rely on comes from years of experience in trucking insurance combined with industry relationships that we can leverage to deliver comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. We have proudly served McAllen since 2010, and our dedicated agents use their experience to identify the best options for each client and deliver comprehensive coverage that eliminates expensive surprise charges.

In addition, RoadMasters provides step-by-step guidance throughout the process of finding and using commercial trucking insurance. By ensuring a successful process to both implement coverage and navigate the claims process, RoadMasters provides personal service and peace of mind throughout the McAllen area. At RoadMasters, you are not just another number to sell to, and we are not just another insurance provider – Free quotes can give you a firsthand look at what our experience can do for you!

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